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So, I saw that people were trying to do a collection of alter selfies to show the variations of parts even though the physical body looks the same (and not as alters themselves actually look).  There are way too many of us and they’d never come forth in the near future (due to a physical issue), so I’m going to work with ones I already have.  **Note** I sent these from my phone, not the computer files that I have of some of these, so they’re really faded and pixelated.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right [click to enlarge; includes captions]
Row 1: Abby
Row 2: Kristie alone || Ryan and Molly co-con
Row 3: Rachael
Row 4: Emily (+Rae nearby) || Sinead
Row 5: David
Row 6: Jaimee ||  Abby and Addie co-con
Row 7: Kristie and Kyle co-con

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23 notes
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